Saturday, February 25, 2017

I write this to the 26 year old me.

If I could whisper in the ear of the 26 year old me I'd say "you're gonna be ok."

I can see myself, just a month after this picture, face down on that empty nursery floor. Still swollen belly, footprints and newborn clothes spread out. Because something needed to show me this was real. Even if it hurt, I needed to know he wasn't a dream, he was real.

I'd tell myself you're gonna be ok. You're gonna make the right choice Lyndsey. Let your faith grow. Believe His plans for you are good. I know it's hard to see that this could ever turn to good.

One day you'll see young mama. You'll see it come around. And your heart will be healed. You're gonna help someone mama. Someone just like you and you'll see those prayers you're praying, may this not be in vain, be answered.

Find your strength in Him, his word is true, you'll see young mama. Before time began, this was the story for you.