Wednesday, May 14, 2014

His Feet

His feet.. my favorite picture was of his feet.. It's not a picture of tragedy to me but a glimpse of the precious boy he was.

I would pray, every night, that I could hold him once more, see him once again.. God granted me some beautiful dreams that still bring me to tears today. One of them was of Lucas' feet in the incredible gardens of heaven. His little toes standing atop those luscious grounds that I too I can not wait to walk on one day.

Its been almost 3 years, and I write this for you. The mom that I was, desperately searching for hope in the dead of night and depth of sorrow. I hated that women seemed to disappear in the middle of their journeys and I was left with so many questions. Does time heal? Does another child help ease the pain?

Praise the Lord for his healing, for his perfect, oh so perfect, timing. Yes it begins to heals, yes it starts to ease and yes it helps. Gabriel is an incredible blessing in our lives, one that we waited so so long for, our 4th child and a pure joy. We are better parents because of Lucas, we can love deeper than ever before.

Gabriel's little foot prints reminded me of his brother, not with a sorrowful heart but one of joy and gratitude for all we have learned and all we have been given.