Monday, May 14, 2012

You're Invited

Oh how I wish I was mailing out invitations. Invitations to a birthday I had planned for months. What kind of cupcakes, what would the theme be, imagining that smashed birthday cake picture, with frosting all over his face and a big 4 tooth grin behind it.

It is still a moment to celebrate, a day to remember, just in such a different way.

Would you help me that day, May 25th? Help us remember our Lucas? Help us bring a smile to this Earth?

I saw this idea about 6 months ago and wanted to use it. Along with eating Lucas' favorites.. Double Doubles at In-n-out of course.. I want to do a Random Act of Kindness. Spread a little joy, ya know?

Buy the person behind you their coffee at Starbucks, load someones groceries into their trunk, mow your neighbors lawn, what ideas do you have??

You could even print & attach this adorable little card, you know I will.

In memory of our Lucas Michael, would you send me a little note if you decide to participate? A quick email telling me of your super kind act? I'd love to write it down in his journal, all this world did to remember him and pass on a smile.

Thank you for loving us and our sweet son so much.

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Julia said...

Thinking of you this evening.