Monday, February 6, 2012


Time is healing.. The Lord uses it to heal, to teach

I am blessed by SO many amazing people

These two little girls light up my world.. and are the #1 cause of my grey hairs

I started running.. yes, actually running! Do you remember me in high school PE? (You don't? Oh yes, that's because I took every other class I could to avoid any athletic activity)

I miss my son

I am becoming more patient the longer I wait

My husband makes me laugh.. he is a goof & so am I

I learned a Hershey kiss is 20 calories.. totally worth it

I love to organize, just something about it makes me smile

My whole life has changed, and I want to keep growing (spiritually, not wide that is) every single day I am given :)

And I love to reflect on the fun times
Me & Danny
Laughlin, NV
My Birthday
August 2006