Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Growing Family!

Welcome 2011! The Girls: Raegan & Rylee are enjoying their opinions and boundary pushing minds that 3 year olds tend to find. They love to love and love to bug each other, as I like to say. We are currently working on their "big girl" room and they are SUPER excited. This would not be complete in their minds without pink and purple wall color of course (are you surprised?). They are loving their new bikes from Santa and have gotten quite fast on them. A crash here and there but just wipe away their tears and they hop back on for more.
The Baby: I guess our blog address can no longer just be Any suggestions? I am 10 weeks along with our single peanut. As I have said for the last 3 years of my life this will be our "single full term boy". Thinking maybe if I said it enough it would come true? Well.. so far so good. Singleton (check), full term (looking good, a whole lot less complicated thus far), boy (one more month and we shall see).

Us: We are loving our life, our family, and all that we get to do together. We are so blessed. We get to see our dear family often and I have wonderful friends that make living here truly feel like HOME. Our jobs are going well.. life is good, God is great!